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Price List and short description of piano repairs that we provide.

  • Consultation (Free)

Knowing that a lot of piano owners may not know much about their pianos or how to maintain them, we are happy to be of service if you have any questions at all. If you have questions please give us call, we can typically provide a consultation over the phone but even if we need to come out to your home this service is always free with Inspirato Center.

  • Standard Piano Tuning
  • 1.500.000vnd Upright Piano
  • 1.800.000vnd Grand Piano

Our standard piano tuning appointment involves fine tuning your piano to A440-442Hz. This is referred to as “concert pitch” it is the standard musical pitch that your piano was designed for.

  • Pitch Raise Tuning (in addition to a standard tuning)
  • 1.000.000vnd Upright Piano
  • 1.200.000vnd Grand Piano

A pitch raise or pitch adjustment is required when a piano is either very flat (i.e. the strings are looser than they should be) or very sharp (they are tighter than they should be). This process is more involved than a standard tuning as each string has to be tightened or loosened and the tension has to be equalized over the bridges as the piano is being fine tuned. This process involves more skill and time to perform thus it is an extra charge. This is typically required on pianos that have not been tuned in 2-3 years or more or have been moved.

  • Hammer Reconditioning/Voicing
  • 1.200.000vnd Upright Piano
  • 1.800.000vnd Grand Piano

When we recondition a set of hammers our goal is to restore them to their proper shape and density. Over time as the hammers strike the string their tips become flattened and grooved where they make contact with the strings. This flat, compacted and grooved surface diminishes your piano’s tonal quality as well as causes it to go out of tune faster and deteriorate the regulation in the action. We suggest that hammers be reconditioned at least once ever 5 years for optimal sound.

  • Action/Keyboard Regulation
  • 1.200.000vnd Upright Piano
  • 2.000.000vnd Grand Piano

There are several thousand parts that make up a grand piano’s action and nearly the same amount in an upright! A lot of these parts move every time a note is played and there are about 5 points on every notes that need to be adjusted periodically. These adjustments control how a note behaves when played. The depth of strike, force, amount of let off, etc. As you can imagine, over time pianos get all out of adjustment and become uneven across the keyboard. When this starts to happen it is very frustrating the play! This is when you need an piano action regulation. We take the action out and adjust everything back to the factory specs or to match your preferences.

  • Complete Piano Cleaning
  • 1.200.000vnd Upright Piano
  • 1.500.000- 2.000.000vnd Grand Piano

Can’t remember the last time your piano was really cleaned? Then you should consider a complete piano cleaning. With this service we take the piano apart and clean piece by piece. The plate, soundboard, strings, pinblock, hammers, action, keys, and exterior are all cleaned.

Basic Service Package
3.000.000vnd Upright Piano
4.000.000vnd Grand Piano
Perfect for beginner and intermediate players.

This will improve the sound, appearance, and consistency of your piano and make if far more responsive and much more enjoyable to play.

Package Includes:

• Pitch Raise Tuning to bring the piano back up to A=440 (if applicable)
• Fine Tuning after the piano is at concert pitch
• Cleaning the outside of the piano, the soundboard, action and keys
• Repairs (30 min)
• Pedal Regulation
• Up to 60 minutes of action regulation and hammer voicing.

Standard Service Package
4.000.000vnd Upright Piano
5.000.000vnd Grand Piano
Designed for the advanced and attentive player.
Also recommended for bringing neglected pianos back to life.

This package will enhance the tone quality of the instrument and provide a consistent touch throughout the instrument and improve the general feel of the piano.

Package Includes:

• Pitch Raise Tuning to bring the piano back up to A=440 (if applicable)
• Fine Tuning after the piano is at concert pitch
• Cleaning the outside of the piano, the soundboard, action and keys
• Repairs (60 min.)
• Pedal Regulation
• Up to 2 hours of action regulation and hammer voicing.